Don’t Let Your Windscreen Break You: Two Types of Windscreen Breaks That You Need to Deal With Fast

21 November 2017
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At some point, most people experience windscreen damage today. Whether it's a flying rock, a collision, or something else that causes the damage, breaks in the windscreen can interfere with your vision or even make it impossible to drive safely. There are several different types of windscreen breaks, so how do you know when it's really a serious problem requiring replacement? Read on to find out about two of the most serious windscreen breaks today. Read More …

Three Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition

7 November 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Replacing or repairing a car can be costly and time-consuming. Given this, it's sensible to do what you can to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Here are three ways to do this. Get it serviced at least once a year Getting your car serviced regularly (that is, at least once a year) will make an enormous difference to its condition. A car service will include a variety of checks, adjustments and fluid replacements, all of which will not only help to enhance your vehicle's road performance and fuel efficiency but will also extend its lifespan. Read More …

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