How To Buy A Roof Basket

How To Buy A Roof Basket

2 December 2021
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Roof baskets are an ideal choice for people who need additional storage space in their vehicles without compromising the seating area or boot space. Read this guide for some roof basket buying tips. 

Size And Shape

What size of roof basket do you require? Measure your car roof to determine the size of basket you need. Remember to make an allocation for installations such as your sunroof. You should also leave a small allowance for future equipment such as LED lights. When buying an aftermarket roof basket, ensure that it is designed to fit your car. Otherwise, you may need to readjust the rack as you install it. 

Steel Versus Aluminium Roof Baskets 

Roof baskets can either be manufactured from steel or aluminium. Steel baskets are known for their durability. However, their biggest downside is that they are usually significantly heavy. Therefore, they will increase the vehicle's fuel consumption. If your vehicle has a light roof, a steel basket might damage it. Conversely, aluminium roof baskets are light and durable. Although they might be expensive, you do not have to worry about an increase in fuel consumption. 


Check customer reviews on the various roof baskets on sale. For instance, how well does the basket fit? Do you need professional installation? Has the roof rack developed any defects over time? You should also inquire about the support services offered by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will offer free shipping, installation and warranties. 


How do you intend to use the roof basket? Consider the following when examining the functionality of the roof basket: 

  • Some roof baskets have special attachments to help you carry fuel tanks, tents, bikes or boats. These attachments prevent your equipment from falling off as you drive.
  • How much weight will you carry? Each roof basket has a specified weight limit. As a rule, consider roof baskets that have a high load limit.
  • The roof basket should have a low profile to ease loading and offloading.
  • The roof basket should be easy to install and uninstall. Remember, you might opt to use the basket during the holidays and weekends.  


Most manufacturers will price their roof baskets competitively. However, some strategies can help you cut down on the buying costs. For instance, you could make an online purchase to take advantage of discount coupons. Alternatively, you could purchase the roof basket during the cold months when they are in lower demand. 

When buying a roof basket, examine its size and shape, manufacturing material, durability, functionality and pricing. Contact a local roof basket supplier to learn more.

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