How to Choose a Refrigerated Delivery Service

How to Choose a Refrigerated Delivery Service

16 April 2021
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Do you require the services of a refrigerated delivery company? It could be you need to transport food products or sensitive chemicals. Finding a refrigerated delivery service can be a daunting task. Below is an excerpt with some expert tips on how to hire a refrigerated delivery service. 

Company Reputation

Your primary concern would be whether your products will arrive fresh at the destination. As such, check the company's reviews on social media and Google My Business listings. You should also ensure that the company has an operating licence. Industry accreditations, recognitions and awards are a guarantee that you will receive quality services.  

Operating Route

Most refrigerated delivery companies have a specific route of operation. It is where most of their clients source or deliver refrigerated products. Ideally, you should work with a company that operates within your intended route. It is a sure way to save costs since the company will not need extra fuel or spend additional time picking your products. Additionally, the company could be more willing to offer home or last-mile delivery services. It is an essential service if you want the item delivered to your doorstep. 

Comprehension of Your Business Activities

The company must understand your business needs. Experienced companies will start with an inquiry to understand what you will be transporting. Some companies specialise in specific products. For instance, some could transport meats while others could transport farm produce.

The company will also need to know the quantities that you intend to transport. When transporting smaller quantities, the company should use refrigerated trucks with compartments that have separate temperature zones. It ensures your products are transported at optimum temperatures. The refrigerated delivery company will also inquire whether you require extra services such as cold storage and repackaging. 

Terms of Service

One of your concerns when assessing the company's terms would be the customer obligations. For example, some companies could ask you to ensure that your product is cleaned and well packaged before being loaded into the refrigerated truck. The company should have an effective method of establishing blame if products get spoilt during transport. If the company is liable, assess their compensation process. Reputable companies will have sufficient insurance coverage to ensure you do not incur losses. Check the company's pricing policy. Negotiate the charges and ask for a flexible payment option. 

When choosing a refrigerated delivery service, check the company reputation, assess the company's operating route, and examine the terms of service. As a rule, the service provider must comprehend your business needs.

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