A Quick Guide to Choosing a Refrigerated Van

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Refrigerated Van

12 March 2018
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A refrigerated van may be legally required for the delivery of some items, such as food and medicines. This type of van can also be the right choice for transporting flowers, certain artwork and baked goods, even if it's not a legal requirement. Because a refrigerated van is an investment in your business, note a few tips on how to choose the best model for your needs in particular.


Depending on your business, you may have inventory that you need to keep chilled or frozen overnight or whenever you close up for the day. If so, opt for a van with a plug-in attachment. This is a cord you can plug into an actual outlet in your garage and which keeps the fan or freezers of the van working even when the van's engine is shut off. This will keep you from having to run the van's motor while it's idle, saving you on the cost of petrol and avoiding added wear and tear on the van's engine.


It's good to invest in a defrosting feature for your van if you'll be keeping the back especially cool or if you will need to run the cooling mechanisms for prolonged periods. Even refrigerated vans that don't actually reach freezing temperatures can develop frost along the walls, especially if you run the fan for several hours during the day and into the night. Frost can damage the cooling fan as well as hardware like hinges and connectors along the van's interior. It can also cling to the items you're transporting. A defrosting unit that operates automatically can help you to avoid this damage, protecting the van and your cargo.


Note the ease of access for items you're delivering or selling out of the back of the van. It might be good to invest in a van with various compartments for storing different items, and which open to the outside of the van. This will allow you to easily reach different items without having to actually enter the back cargo area of the van.

Note, too, how the doors of the van open. If you'll be selling items right from the vehicle, a door that opens up, like an awning, can stay out of the way of customers and provide some shade and protection from the elements. It can be worth investing a bit more money in a van with this type of upper hinged door for your own comfort and for easier accessibility for your customers.

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