How Your Tyres Got Damaged -- And What You Can Do About It!

How Your Tyres Got Damaged -- And What You Can Do About It!

3 December 2017
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When it's time for new Toyo tyres, you might think "But I've only just replaced those tyres!" In fact, time does fly, so the tyres may be older than you'd realized. Even if the tyres aren't old, there's a high chance that they're damaged in some ways. Read on to learn the main ways that tyres are damaged today -- and a few tips on how to avoid the damage:

Road Conditions

Several different road conditions can cause tyre damage. Watch out for:

  • Potholes: avoid potholes whenever it's possible -- they're often deeper (and more damaging to your tyres) than they appear.
  • Debris on the road: whilst debris like paper won't harm your tyres, it's best to avoid driving over any debris. If even a small piece of metal connects with your tyre, it can cause a puncture.
  • Speed bumps: speed bumps won't cause serious damage if they're taken at a very slow speed, but regularly passing over speed bumps at a high speed can cause both tyre and alignment problems.
  • Kerb damage: kerb damage can be sustained by hugging the kerb whilst driving. This driving habit can weaken the tyre walls significantly. Simply correcting your driving habits to avoid the kerb can actually lengthen your tyre life if you're a kerb hugger!

The Climate

The climate can have an impact on tyre life, but you may be able to control the damage in some cases. 

  • Extreme cold: extreme cold can cause the tyres to become brittle over time. If possible, store your vehicle in a garage in freezing weather.
  • Extreme heat: extreme heat can increase the odds of tyre damage. If possible, avoid driving extended distances every day if the weather's particularly hot. It can also help to store your vehicle in a garage if possible.
  • Direct sunlight: if possible, keep your vehicle (and therefore your tyres) out of direct sunlight. This helps avoid weakening of the tyre walls.

Lack of Maintenance -- or Improper Maintenance

One of the most common ways that tyres are damaged today is lack of maintenance or improper maintenance. This can include: 

  • Not maintaining the correct air pressure (either over- or under-inflating the tyres)
  • Failing to have the tyres rotated regularly (around every 10,000 km is recommended)
  • Failing to maintain car alignment

In general, it's fairly easy to maximise tyre life -- simply keep up with proper maintenance, and don't take chances whilst driving! If you see signs of tyre wear, visit your local Toyo tyres dealer for help today.

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