Commonly Asked Questions About Car Restoration Work

9 January 2018
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If you have an older car that is a bit beat up, you may want to think about having it restored. To decide if this is the right choice for yourself and for your vehicle, note a few commonly asked questions about this work, and then discuss your options with a restoration expert, and even with your mechanic, as needed. How is restoration different than smash repairs? Restoration work is often much more extensive than repairs that are handled by a smash shop, as restoring a classic car often means removing lots of rust from the body, rather than just bumping out dents and dings. Read More …

4 Considerations During Dent Repair

27 November 2017
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It is not advisable to undertake DIY dent repair if you lack the necessary skills for this task. This is because many factors influence the techniques that may be appropriate for a particular repair. Below are some of the considerations that can only be made by a skilled person. Metal Thickness The thickness of the metal that was used to make a body part may vary from one car manufacturer to another. Read More …

Don’t Let Your Windscreen Break You: Two Types of Windscreen Breaks That You Need to Deal With Fast

21 November 2017
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At some point, most people experience windscreen damage today. Whether it's a flying rock, a collision, or something else that causes the damage, breaks in the windscreen can interfere with your vision or even make it impossible to drive safely. There are several different types of windscreen breaks, so how do you know when it's really a serious problem requiring replacement? Read on to find out about two of the most serious windscreen breaks today. Read More …

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